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You are a FOOL if you Don’t Take Donald Trump at His Word!

By Larry Johnson
Clovis, CA

President Elect Donald Trump has told ALL of us exactly what he intends to do in his first 100 days as President. You are a FOOL if you don’t take him at his word and listen VERY carefully when he announces his actions.

There is one problem already that he and his staff are considering LIMITING the news media to ONLY those media which are FRIENDLY to his cause! Stock in FOX Fantasy will probably go through the roof! Do you really want a restricted news media in this country with a Donald Trump at the levers of government? Really?

This partial list ARE HIS STATEMENTS AND THOUGHTS, which HE has made publicly over the last 18 months, where he has said that he will:

  1. Begin Building a BIG, Beautiful wall on our Southern Boarder of the US and He will get Mexico to pay for it – Mexico pays, Really! Ain’t gonna happen and then where does the $4 Billion come from?;
  2. Initiate the BIGGEST TAX CUT ever created – the WRICH (wealthy + rich) will benefit magnificently saving tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars, the average AMERICAN will benefit with MAYBE the equivalent of two bags of groceries. The US Government will be bankrupted within three (3) years;
  3. Repeal and replace the AHCA – The current replacement program is a fairy-tail which proposes Health Savings Accounts (invested by Wall of course) with the so called ability for folks to purchase health insurance across state lines (remember, the people who are loosing their healthcare are mostly of minimal education and they are expected to navigate this complicated process?) and lets States manage Medicare Funds! Oh joy to the world when some of the most corrupt states take over billions of dollars of Medicare funds! The investigations will NEVER end. Sure FBI justification for decades to come but then the director has broken so many regulations so far that I suspect that he will NOT investigate when the crooks of Alabama dip their greedy hands into billions of funds!;
  4. School Choice and Educational Opportunity Act  – This one is really trying to bankrupt the Public Education System in this country which the reptiles have been trying to do for decades. It gives parents the ability to have YOUR tax money support private and religious schools. This also repeals common core and gives total education supervision to local (bigoted and racist) communities. Finally, this one destroys a standard education throughout the US and replaces it with unknowable local supported classes. Does the word “Scientologist” mean anything to you? It should. On application, under this program, they could easily wind up receiving YOUR TAX dollars to initiate children into their insane cult teachings;
  5. Lift the Obama/Clinton roadblocks and allow vital energy infrastructure projects, like the Key Stone Pipeline, to move forward – Let’s pollute our water aquifers and remove critical limitations on big oil operations which are destroying our environment;
  6. Lift restrictions on the production of $50 Trillion worth of job producing American energy reserves, including shale, oil, natural gas and clean coal – First, there is NOT SUCH THING AS CLEAN COAL. It doesn’t exists and is akin to the “health cigarettes advertising” of the 1950s by the tobacco industry. Second, extracting Shale Oil is a massively polluting process  which destroys for generations vast areas of the world. Third, most natural gas is burned off by the oil industry as a nuisance by-product of oil wells;
  7. Cancel ALL federal funding of Sanctuary Cities – Beautiful call to take America back to Greatness;
  8. Begin removing million of “illegal immigrants” from the country and cancel visas to foreign that won’t take them back – Hmm, later on he is implementing a Federal Hiring Freeze, wonder where he is going to get the personnel to do this? Local cops?;
  9. Begin a Constitutional Amendment to implement Term Limits for Members of Congress – The reptiles are going to vote for this, really?;
  10. Appoint Pro-Life Federal Judges and Pro-Life members of the Supreme Court – say goodbye to a balanced Supreme Court for several generations, Get Over It!;
  11. Withdraw and renegotiate the TPP – another f__k Mexico kind of project;
  12. Freeze ALL Federal Hiring – think it’s hard to get an answer for your questions now? HA, forget it!;
  13. Renegotiate NAFTA-can you say “Trade War”? We will suffer the most as we always have;
  14. Withdraw from the Paris Climate Accords and STOP US Payments regarding same – Investments in gas masks will explode!;
  15. Cancel billions in payments to the U.N. Climate Change programs and use the money to fix America’s Water and Environmental Infrastructure – Hmm, sounds like a “bait and switch” operation. Doesn’t her realize that money is committed by LAWs put together in the US House of Representatives? They might take exception to being run around. We can hope so;
  16. Defund Federal Payments to Planned Parenthood – ?? They already did this several years ago. Are we to understand that they will demand the money paid back?;
  17. Overrule Same Sex Marriage and work to repeal laws that support it – Wow! Back into the dark corners of American shame and exclusion;
  18. Complete shutdown of Muslim entry into America until the Government understands what is going on – This one is easy, He will simply declare that HE now knows what is going on so we can accept HIGHLY INVESTIGATED applicants for asylum;
  19. Suspend Syrian immigrants –  HE cannot constitutionally do this unless America is at war with someone and right now we are NOT at war with anyone. Of course HE could change this in a heart beat!;
  20. Repeal every UNCONSTITUTIONAL Executive Action, Memorandum and  Order issued by President Obama – Great waste of time when;
  21. Will support “Stop and Frisk” regulations in the big cities of America – Good luck with that seeing that it is UNCONSTITUTIONAL and NOT SUPPORTED by nearly every major police department in America;
  22. Begin respectfully checking Mosques in the US – For what he does not say. I wounder how the christian churches would respond to such a policy?;
  23. Regarding ISIS begin bombing ALL the refineries and oil fields that they control including the pipe lines and EVERYTHING! – Well, I guess that regardless of funding, there is the war he needs to exclude Muslims, Syrians and basically ALL middle eastern people from this country! I suspect that the Constitution will have something to say about this BUT with a totally right-wing Supreme Court bought and paid for by the reptiles that won’t be a problem.

A short history of truth told by authoritarians like Trump. In the 1930s, the German Government was taken over by a man who told the citizens of his county basically the same sort of things about what he was going to do and HE did exactly what he said he was going to do and much much more! There was a second man who took over the Italian Government in Italy during the same time who told the Italians exactly what HE was going to do, although his was a bit more circumspect about it, but in the end HE did exactly what HE said he was going to do. Just prior to these two there was a third man in Spain who became the ruler of Spain and told the Spaniards what HE was going to do and HE did exactly what HE said he was going to do. There was a fourth man who became the leader of Russia during this period who told the Russian people exactly what HE was going to do and then did which resulted in over 20 million of his country men, women and children being exiled to Siberia where the majority of them died.  The really sad part of this story is that MOST of the civilian victims of these three men (a number reaching over 50 Million humans DEAD by execution, starvation and inhuman conditions) DID NOT believe what these men said they were going to do and were in denial right up to the moment that they were marched into the gas chambers or in front of firing squads or deported to miserable conditions which ended their lives.

Donald Trump has publicly PLEDGED to do certain things and much more, which, if fully implemented, WILL destroy the present society in this country and put us onto a civilization which will be in decline where only the WRICH will enjoy.


Now get off your ass and do something about it!