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December 2016 Meeting Topics

Specific topics include:

Ø    Mind mapping – Learn how to mind map and keep track of goals, objectives and progress. It is integral for internal planning. How to harness liberal mind wandering.

Ø    The importance of documenting –  How Blogging can be our greatest tool in documenting campaign promise execution.

Ø    The art of nonviolent communication – This important tool is integral to conflict management among friends and foes. How to discuss difficult issues.

Ø    Digital communication – How to motivate voters by maintaining contact. How lost opportunity cost is losing elections in a blue county. Exploring how social media and podcasts can improve voter turnout and engagement.

Ø    The importance of hosting events and showing documentaries – Undeniable truth is integral to winning. The importance of video. Consistent voter engagement is critical.

Ø    Cross over points – How to appeal to Republican leaning voters by showing that our issues are the same. How speaking to the issues, not about the opponents is essential to winning.

Ø    How to convert losses into opportunities – Every loss presents an opportunity. Why branding is intrinsic.

Ø    How building alliances on the left is integral to winning. How ignoring the left and working people has cost elections. The rising rage of the left. How cronyism has cost the Democratic Party and why it must be eliminated.

Ø    Books, Videos, Shows and Weblinks that every progressive should be aware of.